You Should Read This!

ACDS Middle School Students and Teachers Discuss Books

What are you reading??

At ACDS we are discussing books all summer long!  Get ideas for what to read next.  Share what you are reading with your friends. Have a discussion about a book you and others have read.

All reviews should include the following:

  • The full title of the book
  • The author’s full name
  • A short summary of the plot. (Don’t give away any surprises!)
  • What you liked about it
  • A rating: 5 stars is the best
  • Your name and grade
  • Complete sentences, correct capitalization, punctuation and spelling
  • Select at least 1 category/genre for each post
  • Tag your post- you can use ones that are already there, and you can create new ones!


You are welcome to respond to others’ reviews in a kind and thoughtful manner.

To read other reviews, you can click on Categories, Tags, or Recent Posts.

To write your own, log in and click the +New button in the top menu bar- then you click “Post.” Remember to give your posts categories & tags! 

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